How to wash your hair yourself so that it smells good for as long as you wash at the salon.

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We talk a lot about how to make your hair look and feel good. But what about the fragrance? If our hair smells good, it helps boost our confidence because we will leave the house with lightly scented hair. So how can I make my hair smell good? If we wash it ourselves, we don’t go into the store. And this is a technique for washing your hair to make it smell good for a long time like washing at a salon.

How to wash your hair yourself so that it smells good for as long as you wash at the salon.

How to wash your own hair so it smells good like the one from the store.

Wash your hair 3 times.

First round: Make your hair slightly wet. Pour a little shampoo. Wash your hair for the first time to remove sticky residue, dust, and dirt.

Second round: Make your hair wetter than the first round. and increase the amount of shampoo Focus on washing the scalp, roots, and areas near the surface of the ทางเข้า ufabet face.

Third round: Use less shampoo than Round 2, washing from the roots to the ends.

Massage the hair.

When massaging your hair, we recommend massaging only the ends of your hair. Because if you massage to the base of the hair or scalp It will make the scalp oily and if not cleaned properly. will become dandruff

The treatment is to be applied while the hair is soaked but not wet. The treatment should not be allowed to touch the scalp. Focus on massaging and stroking the hair,

drying the hair,

adding moisture to the hair by spraying. or oil at the ends of the hair without letting it touch the scalp Then wipe until damp. Then blow it with a dryer. Before using a large comb Brush and then use a hair dryer to comb.

Tip: Use a gallon shampoo like the shampoo shops use. It will smell good.