“Verona” beat “Spezia” 3-1, won a ticket to the top league in the macaroni country.

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Verona became the last club to feature in next season. Serie A after beating Spezia 3-1 in the play-offs, while Claudio Ranier. Cagliari beat Bari 1-0 with a total score of 2-1 and promoted to the top league.

The Italian Serie A 2022-2023 play-off match for the last relegated team followed by Sampdoria and Cremonese on Sunday. A meeting between Spezia. Against Verona , both teams finished the season on 31 points from 38 matches. The two head-to-head meetings were tied at 0-0, requiring a replay to find out. Surviving Teams and Dropping Teams

"Verona" beat "Spezia" 3-1, won a ticket to the top league in the macaroni country.

The game at Mapei Stadium, center field, it turns out that in the first half Verona took the lead 3-1 with a goal from  Davide Faraoni in the 5th minute and then another 10 minutes later . Than Ampadu came to score a 1-1 equalizer for Spezia. The ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com game returned to the odd pair again, however, Cyril Nkonke showed a good form alone, two goals in the 26th and 38th minutes. Making We Rhona took the lead with this score after the first half.

into the second half The offensive game belongs to Spezia on one side. With the opportunity to win the door 14 times, entering the frame 9 times, but not scoring and also received a penalty in the 68th minute from the moment Davide Faraoni used his hand to flick the ball that was about to come in from Eldor Shomurodov ‘s downward ball, the referee raised a red card to chase Fa. Raoni left the field, but Mbala Nzola’s missed penalty was saved by  Verona goalkeeper Lorenzo Montipo .

Then Spezia with more players Strong invasion game, but not through Lorenzo Montepo, who has shown many super saves After the match ended, Verona won 3-1 and continued their careers in Serie A next season, while Spezia were relegated last after Cremonese. 19th and Sampdoria 20th. 

As for the three new teams that have moved up to play in the macaroni top league, Frosinone , Serie B champion and Genoa runner-up, Cagliari with coach Claudio Ranieri. Dang in charge beat Bari in the second leg of the play-offs, securing promotion 1-0 thanks to a stoppage-time winner from Leonardo Pavoletti. Causing the total score of 2 games to win 2-1, narrowly promoted up