Pair cards look good or life is bad.

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Get 22 Gags, Get KK, Heavy Bets, Get All AA’s. And Many Other Pairs That Everyone Would Have Experienced Before But When It’s Hot And Cold Falling All Over The Ass Because Meeting AA Suit Cards, Many People Start To Think, Wonder, Ask Questions Until Some People Are Even Suspicious That “If I Had A Pair Of UFABET Cards, Would It Be A Good Fight? Will It Be Multiple Chips Or Will The Chip Disappear?”

Pair cards look good or life is bad.

How Good Are Pairs? Should I Really Play Every Turn?

Players Who Have Been Playing For A Long Time Will Know That Opening The Flop Immediately Gets A Card. Not Easy Having A Pair Is Like A Guarantee For Life In The Band That “At Least I Have Something In My Hand.” Or Some People Open The Flop Because They Hope To Win Tong. (And Many Times Tong 2 Is Good Eating A Lot Of People Because I Can’t Think)

But From There, He Was Excited With Excitement. May Be Sweating Pale As A Chilled Dead Fish When It Opens. The Higher Card In Every Hand Nearby Cards Waiting To Sort Like Girls, Three Numbers, Or Have Two Or Three Flowers Each. And The More You Pour It All Out And Meet Many Other Players You Won’t Be Able To Sit On The Chair. Hands And Feet Are Trembling, But Hey, AA KK Has To Be Poured, So Today I’m Going To Show You Some Rough Numbers (Because The Percentage Actually Depends On What Cards Your Opponent Holds).

AA Free Flop Win Chance 85%

KK 77% Chance Of Winning And

QQ Chance Of Winning 68.5%

But The Percentage Will Decrease If There Are Many People In The Sink, In The Pot, Simply Saying That The Whole Circle Is Poured.

Weaknesses Of Pairs Is Severely Fatal Opportunities For Further Development Are Difficult, That Is To Say, The Flop Comes Out Almost Decisively.

If You Can’t Open The Flop, Chances Are It Will Be Lined Up, Flushed, Full House, Or Low And Low To The Ground. But If The Cards Were Opened, Scattered And Scattered, Scattered In Different Directions, Then It Would Entertain Us A Little.

But… Paired Cards Are Another Thing That Can Happen. And If There Are Pairs On The Table You Might Be Attacked.

Listen, It Looks Like AA Is About To Become An Eh, What Should I Do? Today Is Not Just Coming To Haunt And Frighten. But There Will Be Ideas For Anyone To Mourn As Well.

1. See How Your Opponent Is Doing. What Kind Of Cards Do You Like To Play?

2. Is He Strong-Willed?

3. How Are The Cards Turned Out?

4. It’s Off To A Strong Start. Because It Will Narrow The Line Of Cards Probably No One Would Bring Two And Seven Sets Of People To Fight With Heavy Payers. Except For People Who Don’t Know How To Play

5. Don’t Waste Your Cards To Regret More Than The Open Type Comes With A Single Piece Missing. One Card Flush And We Don’t Have It. Even If There Is Tong A, You Have To Grit Your Teeth And Swallow The Blood.

Before Parting, I Would Like To Conclude That Because Poker Players To Make Profits In The Long Run, Playing Well Or Giving Up When At A Disadvantage Is Essential, So AA Or KK Must Fold.