Let’s get to know Fold Equity.

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“If You’re Dealing With Call Bets – You Better Pick Your Bets.” Fold Equity

This Phrase Is Always True Because Betting Gives You The Chance To Win In Both Cases.

– You Had The Best Hand At Showdown.

– You Win Immediately When Your Opponent Folds.

Fold Equity Is An Opportunity To Make Competitors Fold, Or Technically Speaking, Fold. If You Assume That Your Opponent Will Fold 20% When The Pot Is $200, You Have Folded Equity $40.

Let's get to know Fold Equity.

Fold Equity Defines Everything In Poker.

If You’ve Watched A Poker Tournament High-Stake Players Often See That Fold Equity Is A Key Factor In Determining Game Direction. High-Stake Players Are Often Adept At Reading The Range Of Their Opponents.

But Even So Be Aware That Not Everything Depends Solely On Fold Equity. You’ll Need Excellent Hand-Reading Skills, And It’s Best To Use Semi-Bluffs Rather Than Stone-Cold Bluffs.

Let’s Look At An Example If You’re Doing A Flush Draw And Using Fold Equity To Decide To Call – Fold Or Raise.

If You Play In A $1/$2, Stack 200 UFABET Game, You Have A♠A♠ In The Cutoff Position, An Opponent Limp From Early Position You Bet $10.

The Flop Opens To 7♠J♣Q♦ Your Opponent Bet $15 From Where You Look At Your Opponent. He May Have A Pair, Jack Or Queen, Or A Weak Hand. What Will You Do? You Don’t Have The Best Hand Right Now, But With Overcards And Gut-Shots (Waiting For The Middle Card To Come In), The Call Is Not Your Option. And You Have To Choose Between Raise Or Fold.

Considering That You Raised Pre-Flop, If You Raise Again In The Flop, Your Opponent Will Assume That You Have A Very Strong Hand. Even If You Have A Weak Draw, This Is Your Chance To Semi-Bluff (Not Pure Bluff) With A Raise To Win The Game.

Fold Equity Mathematically

If You Want To Compare Numerically You Can Compare Results In Percentages. Using The Above Information Is Calculated In Pokerstove (A Card Win Rate Calculator).

From The Information You Have Is Your Opponent Limp And Bet A Bit More And When You Flop You Are 2/3 Pot On Board 7♠J♣Q♦ You’d Expect Them To Have A Wide And Weak Range Like The TT-77, KQs, Q9s+, J9s+, T8s+, ATo, KQo, QTo+, JTo, T9o, So Opponents Tend To Fold When You Raise.

Fold Equity In Poker Tournaments

In Most Tournaments The Blind Increases Quickly. As The Blind Increases Your M Value Decreases. You Must Try To Steal Blinds Otherwise You Won’t Last Long And Your Game Will Slow Down. Ended

If You Have A Lap Of 7 BB In The Final (River) In An Online Multi-Table Sit-And-Go (Game That Starts When The Game Is Full), The Average Of Your Opponents Is 15 BB And The Highest Lap Is 30 BB. It’s Time For You To Collect Chips.

In This Final Round You Have 2 Options: Shove (All-In) Or Fold.

When Good Hands Don’t Come To Your Aid In Time, You Have To Shove With A Value That Is Worse Than Your Opponent’s Average.

A Shove Card Like 10♥9♥ Might Not Seem Worth It. But Your Goal Is To Get You Into The Fold Race And Your Chances Depend On The Fold Equity. If It Gives You A Profit Without A Showdown Then You’re 60-40 Dog, But When You All-In And Get Called, You’re Be An Underdog (Who Has A Very Low Chance Of Winning)

Fold Equity Is A Simple Concept That Probably Won’t Instantly Turn Water Into Wine For You Every Time. But If You Start To Think Of Opportunities To Make Your Competitors Fold, You Might As Well Turn The Crisis Into Profit.