Grading Manchester United’s players, losing to Manchester City 1-3 in the English Premier League – Player Ratings

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Erik ten Hag’s team performed well in the first half. But they couldn’t resist Manchester City in the second half.

Grading Manchester United's players, losing to Manchester City 1-3 in the English Premier League - Player Ratings

Manchester United  player ratings  (4-2-4-0)

Andre Onana – 7/10

Helped the team get the first goal with a long kick to Bruno, in the first half he made 3 important saves (Foden 2, Rodri 1), but in the second half Phil Foden broke down the goal. I can live well.

Diogo Dalot – 7/10

Excellent against Manchester City winger Jeremie Dogu, he doesn’t show his mistakes easily.

Raphael Varane – 7/10

Blocked shots and made many interceptions. He cleared the ball from dangerous areas nine times, the most on the ทางเข้า ufabet team.

Jonny Evans – 7.5/10

Still, Kao reads the game well, clears the ball, cuts the ball and makes many tackles. He was always in the right place at the right time.

Victor Lindelof – 6/10

The left back needs one more game. The first half was intended to be played. Don’t make mistakes. But in the second half they didn’t quite deal with Foden.

Cobby Mainu – 7/10

Concentrate on the defensive game very much. Especially in the first half He helped block crosses and block shots.

Casemiro – 7/10

Blocks shots and intercepts Dogu’s balls well. He covers half-space very well. Not opening space for City players to break in easily, he will come down to help Dalot in dealing with Dogu.

Scott McTominay – 4/10

When the team ventured into City territory, he tried to attack and look for opportunities to score. But in the end he was unable to make a difference.

Bruno Fernandes (Captain) – 7/10

Starting with the role of a false striker or false nine before being the one who assisted for Rashford to shoot in beautifully from the beginning of the game.

In the first half he looked dangerous every time he had the ball. because he will keep throwing for a long time Or stabbed through the channel for Rashford, who ran behind the local defense line. But in the second half, he seemed to run out.

Alejandro Carnacio – 5/10

Dropped down to play defense to help Dalot again, but when the team had a chance to threaten the opponent He was unable to cause any embarrassment to the local team.

Marcus Rashford – 7/10

First long shot, got one shot, plus it was a beautiful shot. It is considered one of the most beautiful gates in the battle of the city.