Basic posture that you should understand Why do you check race?

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Check Race Is That We Don’t Raise Any Bets Or Just Check And When Someone Raises The Bet Or The Game Comes. We Add More Bets, Or Grug, Eh, Pick Up, Which Has A General Benefit, Besides Being Cool, Is Getting More Pot Money. How? Hold On, I’ll Explain To You. Or To Cause Other Players To Lie Down, Discard Common Cards, Including High-So Cards. (It’s One Of The Ways To Steal The Cock.) Race Checks Should Be Used In Every Event. Whether It’s A Small Game, A Big Game, Cash Game, Normal Texas To Shot Deck, But… It’s Extremely Important To Understand The Principles And How To Use Them. Otherwise, Use It Blindly, The Chip May Flow Completely. Become A Little Fish For Sharks To Support Their Heads. If You’re Scared Then Read It To The End UFABET.

Basic posture that you should understand Why do you check race?

When Is The Check-In?

What Is A Check Race : A Check Race In Poker Is When It’s Our Turn In A Particular Round. The Previous One, No One Raised The Bet. When It’s Our Turn We Tell Our Eyes That It’s Time For The Queue, Hey!! No, When It Was Our Turn, We Just Passed By. Don’t Increase The Bet Either. If There Are Players Next To Us In That Round, Increase The Bet. We Add More Or Get More. It’s Like Setting A Trap. (The Real Part Of The Fake Deceiving Him Or Deceiving Yourself, This Is Another Story) So If Playing As The Last Person Button Or Botton Position, Can’t Check The Race.

1. Add More To The Pot If You Think The Best Card

Think About It If We Raise Or Race Up First. Someone Whose Hand May Not Be Very Strong Probably Just Follow Or Worse, Squat, Right? If You Let Him Then We Turn Back It Doesn’t Have To Be Much. He Should Have Regrets And Then Call, So Get 2 Bounces. At The Same Time, If The Person Whose Cards Are Very Strong Even If We Race In The First Place Anyway And We Also Had The Opportunity To Miss The Move. Therefore, Checking At First Is To See Other People’s Attitudes As Well. If You See Race, But Not Much. It’s Good To Keep Going, Right?

2. Bluff Or Steal Chicken If The Cards Appear Disjointed Should Check Race To Bluff And The Opponent May Crouch. But If It Comes Out Flush Pretends To Have Sorted, Pretending To Have But There Are Two Cards On The Table. May Find A Set Or A Full House, Will Check Race, It’s A Game Of Measuring Your Mind And Measuring Your Luck. When To Use: In Fact, Check Race Can Be Used With All Types Of Poker Cards. But It Works Best With Texas Hold’em Cards (2 Cards In Hand, 5 Cards On The Table). Whether Playing At Home, Casino, Sit And Go, Wow, Tournaments Are All The Same.

At Betong Tui, It Has To Be Used At The Poker Band Already. But Refers To The Position Used As I Said, It Must Be Smooth First. So There Must Be One Or Two People Next To Us. Or Many People Are Even Better. Because There Is A Chance That There Will Be A Race I’m Not Your Last. Oh, The Last Of The Band. Otherwise Check How Can I Race? Check My Race. Use It Correctly If You Don’t Want To Get Smoked. Even If You Are A Beginner, This Is A Basic Pose That Everyone Must Have With Them.

But Must Be Used With Caution And Understanding. Otherwise, It’s Like Throwing The Chip Away Easily. If You Keep Checking The Race Repeatedly, People Will Remember It. Guess It’s Like Having A Girlfriend. But If It’s Repeated, It’s Boring. It Can Cause Problems. The First Thing You Need To Know Is Why Are You Going To Check The Race? Not Now, Shift To Give A Big Pot, Later Shift To Bluff, Like The Same Game, Constantly Changing The Plan, Haha, The Enemy Can’t Guess.

But You Don’t Understand Yourself. Like This, There Is Hope Ruined. Like This, Besides Planning To Deceive The Enemy, It Also Haunts Himself. If Not Sure Why This Round Will Check The Race It’s Like Taking Money To Burn Kong Tek For Uncle Pae Asim In Vain. As Said Check Race Because Think You Have The Best Cards So You Can Add A Lot Of Money. Or Knowing That Other People Have Good Cards, Will Crush Them To Fold. In Addition To This The Race Check Will Also Help Cover Your Card Line. Because Sometimes You Check Race It’s Difficult For Other Players To Guess What Cards You Have. It’s Definitely Not Playing Only The Leaves. Until The Showdown For Him To See